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The Estate of the Thousands covers an area of about 20 hectares of vines. Our winery is a modern facility with advanced equipment that produces flavorful and elegant wines.

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The Estate

Our company’s flagship winery, “Estate of the Thousands” is a sustainable building consisting of three floors. The lower level is 22 feet underground for refining our wines during fermentation in stainless tanks and French oak barrels. Tenuta Dei Mille’s modern wine cellar keeps the wine temperature constant in a natural and traditional way.

On the main level, we designed a tasting room and conference hall. Along with a modern bottling and packaging area. In the future, the 2rd floor has accommodations available for guest visiting the winery. Our six sleeping quarters, are fully equipped with bathrooms, small refrigerators, as well as heating and air conditioners. Breakfast will also be included with Wi-Fi in the main activity areas.

Menfi is the best travel destination to enjoy the flavors of Sicily and the Mediterranean Sea.

Renewable Energy

Tenuta Dei Mille has integrated Photovoltaic System on the roof. The solar panels supply the power to operate our modern winemaking equipment and wine cellar. Our goal is to protect Sicily’s environment which enables our facility to produce excellent agricultural products. 

Tenuta dei Mille full_with_image
Tenuta dei Mille image