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Olive oil has been more than mere food to the peoples of the Mediterranean: it has been a symbol of great wealth and power. The olive tree is the symbol of abundance, glory and peace.
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Extra Virgin olive oil Tenuta Dei Mille produces its olive oil from 3 varietals: Biancolila, Cerasuola, and Nocellara olive trees. Our olive trees are planted near the sea and produce up to 20 times more fruit than those planted inland. Tenuta’s Extra-virgin oil has higher organoleptic characteristics.
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Biancolilla are medium-sized, oval-shaped olives grown largely in southwestern Sicily that have an oil content of 15 to 18% and yields a good quality, fragrant oil. Nocellara del Belice Olives are large, plump olives that make both good table olives and good olive oil. Cerasuola, Sicilian olive grown primarily in Sicily, for oil. Its oil is usually blended with Nocellara and Biancolilla olives. When being used for oil, the olives are harvested early to get a light, fruity oil.
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In the kitchen Our Extra Virgin olive oil is excellent with salads, vegetables, pasta, seafood, and meat dishes. The best way to enjoy the natural flavors of Sicily is a slice of Italian bread dipped with Tenuta’s Extra Virgin olive oil. Enjoy!